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The 2006 Interstitial Cystitis and Painful Bladder Syndrome On-Line Patient Conference, the only FREE lecture series available to interstitial cystitis and painful bladder patients on the web. Why a web based conference?? Of the 100,000 plus IC patients estimated to be diagnosed with IC in the United States, at best, only a few hundred can attend national meetings. Surviving on limited incomes, they cannot afford basic registration fees and/or travel. But, more so, travelling to a conference can be excruciating painful. Most patients stay home and hope to read transcripts or watch DVD's of the event.

The internet, however, changes this dynamic. We can now bring the conference directly to the patient and reach thousands of patients at one time. This lecture series will be seen by more than 300,000 patients a month who will read transcripts, attend lectures, participate with family and friends and obtain the support that they desperately need. We've also proven that far more men participate via the web rather than by attending meetings. The same is true for patients who value their privacy. Thus, you have the opportunity to reach a new population of consumers.

We are now seeking co-sponsors for this event! If you have a product or service which assists IC patients in living a better life, we would like to work with you!

Sponsorship Types
(1) Corporate Sponsors – These third-party sponsors provide educational grants or advertiser fees to the IC Network for the purpose of supporting the overall development and expansion of our awareness efforts.

(2) Health Content Sponsors – These third-party sponsors also provide educational grants or advertiser fees to the IC Network for the purpose of supporting the development of a specific lecture and/or content area at the IC Network or an affiliated website. The ICN retains full editorial control over these content areas. The links provided to these sites in no way implies an endorsement of the company/organization nor its content, products, therapeutic treatment options, or services.

(3) Other Sponsorship Opportunities – The ICN offers third-party sponsors the opportunity to support other programs and activities at the IC Network. These include, but are not limited to: the development of newsletters, consumer outreach programs, support chats, moderated discussions, surveys, special events, continuing medical education and more. In these instances, the IC Network clearly identifies the third-party sponsor (keeping its name/logo separate from content), and retains full editorial control over content.

Contact Information:
If your company is interested in learning more about corporate sponsorship or wish to advertise in our newsletter, please contact:

Jill Osborne, CEO
J.H. Osborne, Inc.
4983 Sonoma Highway, Suite L
Santa Rosa, CA USA 95409
Telephone: (707)538-9446
Fax (707)538-9444
email: Jill@ic-network.com

Limitations on Sponsorships
• The IC Network does not allow third-party sponsors to place cookies in their names/logos at the IC Network or affiliated websites.
• The IC Network will not accept revenues/educational grants from third parties whose mission and goals are inconsistent with our own.
• The IC Network does not accept revenues/educational grants from sponsors whose advertising and promotional strategies are based on false or misleading claims.
• The IC Network does not accept revenue/educational grants from companies directly involved with tobacco, alcohol, firearms and pornography.

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