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(1) Please DO NOT interrupt lectures with comments or questions. Only the speakers and moderators should be speaking in the room once the lecture has begun.
(2) If you come into the room late, please do not interrupt by saying "Hi" if the lecture has already begun.
(3) All questions for our speakers should be Private Messaged to any chat team member or ICNJILLOSBORNE. We will review them and put them in order for our speaker to take one at a time.
(4) If you have a question about the chat room in general, please PM any ICN staff member! Their names begin with ICN!

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Our gratitude to our sponsors for this event, including:

The 2006 IC & PBS On-line Patient Conference
A Production of the Interstitial Cystitis Network

PO Box 2159, Healdsburg, CALIFORNIA USA 95409
Sales: (707)433-0413 - Patient Help Line: (707)538.9442
Fax: 707.538.9444

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