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The 2006 Interstitial Cystitis and Painful Bladder Syndrome On-Line Patient Conference is a continuation of the Guest Lecture series offered by the IC Network in the past five years. Our goal is to bring the worlds best care providers and resources directly into the homes of patients in need, particularly those who are isolated and unable to travel comfortably. This year, we will be featuring a number of researchers, clinicians and patient advocates who will discuss the latest strategies in pain management, diagnosis, therapies, self help and related conditions.


May - October 2006
(2-3 lectures a month)
Usually on Tuesday Evenings

One Hour Lectures with Q&A from the audience

ICN Chat Room
First come, first serve.

System Requirements:
You must have a java enabled web browser to open the window to appear in our chat room. Most PC's and Mac's will be able to enter without any difficulty. Unfortunately, WebTV users will be unable to participate.


Transcripts will be made available of lectures several weeks after each event. Many will appear in the ICN Newsletters, on this website (on the schedule page) and in a special conference report that can be purchased at the conclusion of the event.


Speakers to be added throughout the series!

This year, we're delighted to welcome Dr. Matt Rosenberg, an Internal Medicine Specialist, who has produced groundbreaking data that suggests that IC may be found in up to 12% of women in the USA. His research focuses on the early identification, diagnosis and treatment of IC patients. Dr. Rosenberg was a featured speaker in the Healthy Body Healthy Mind PBS documentary on IC released this Spring.

Dr. Christopher Jayne has been a staunch advocate for IC patients in Texas who are struggling to maintain their sexual relationships and intimacy. He will be provided a practical, down to earth, discussion on sexuality, including suggestions that can make intimacy more comfortable and satisfying.

Dr. Dan Brookoff brings to us more than two decades of experience managing the pain of interstitial cystitis. Easily one of the most dynamic speakers in IC conference history, his encouraging outlook will inspire patients to look for new solutions to manage their pain.

Gaye Sandler is the author of "Patient to Patient: Managing IC & Related Conditions" and "Stretch Into Better Shape." The first professional to develop IC & bladder friendly exercise programs. Pilates, for example, may be too stressful on the pelvic floor muscles. Some yoga, however, is IC friendly and can help reduce symptoms. If you're desperate for movement yet afraid of the pain that could result, this is the lecture to attend.

Dr. Robert Moldwin, author of the IC Survival Guide, will discuss new emerging therapies for interstitial cystitis. Dr. Moldwin is one of the most popular speakers on the IC lecture circuit and was recently featured in the PBS Healthy Body Healthy Mind PBS documentary on IC.

Dr. Jay Burstein of the Dekalb Clinic is a popular favorite for bladder patients in Illinois. Always positive and encouraging, Dr. Jay will provide a direct, practical guide of IC therapies, including their pros and cons. He'll also provide ideas on how to work more effectively with physicians.

We are delighted to welcome Heather Von Vorous, author of two books on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and creator of the product line "Heather's Tummy Tamers", to our 2006 series. Irritable bowel is, perhaps, the most common complaint for IC patients. She will be providing direct, practical suggestions to help reduce the pain, cramping, discomfort and gas associated with IBS that, for IC patients, can make an IC flare so much worse!

Dr. Barbara Shorter, RD, is the force behind a groundbreaking study on IC and diet that finally proves that various foods can help or hurt an IC bladder! Barbara joins us to share the research results and provide many new ideas on IC friendly foods.

Julie Halbur, RD, is the author of Confident Choices: Creating a Customized Diet for Interstitial Cystitis. She will be covering the complicated topic of vitamins, supplements and IC. IC patients quickly learn that many multivitamins are the source of pain and discomfort. Julie explains why and offers more bladder friendly alternatives.

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